–Limited Edition Dream Collection–

Arepo is the main character’s name in our nft collection of 4-second videos each living on the Ethereum BlockChain.

Arepo got its name from Harpocrates, the god of silence in ancient Egypt-Greek mythology.

While designing Arepo, our starting point was silence.

we discovered that we can express much more in this way, and we moved the design process in this direction.

We took a minimalist approach as much as possible and finally arepo came to life on the Ethereum blockchain on July 17, 2021.

Arepo will continue to exist in the NFT domain as two separate collections, version-1, and version-2.

This collection (AREPO V1.0) will consist of 50 specially designed 4-second videos and all tracks will be sold for 0.05 ETH regardless of their rarity.

If you examine some of the pieces carefully, you can see that they contain small details.

When Arepo’s Dream Collection is completed, it will contain many easter eggs. Don’t miss those pieces.

Remember that each piece is carefully and meticulously designed!!!

AREPO’s dreams have no limits and we have many goals for this project. We will never stop until we make him a character the world knows and loves. Because Arepo means the future for us. It’s connected to Blockchain thanks to NFT Technology and will live there forever… 


—AREPO V1.0—

Minting all pieces

(Number Of Minted Pieces)



—Version Update —

We will update Arepo to version 2.0 when the entire “The Dreams Of Arepo” collection is sold.

(Number Of Items Sold)



—AREPO V2.0—

With the 2.0 update, we will reveal the details of 2222 unique PFP collections. If you own a piece from “The Dreams Of Arepo” collection, you will be put on the WhiteList for AREPO V2.0.

(Number Of Person In The Whitelist)
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There are many plans we want to implement regarding arepo and we will share them with you in the future. Stay tuned to keep up to date with developments.