Limited Edition Mystical Power Lanterns.

Power lanterns is a unique nft collection consisting of 7 mystical lanterns, which existed in the fictional universe of Sreenitum, with various combinations.

Power lanterns are the first nft project of this fictional universe and there are a total of 349 mystical lanterns in this universe, 56 red 56 orange 57 yellow 56 green 56 blue 57 purple, and 11 white.

Single Lanterns

Each Lantern Has Its Mystical Power.

Single Lanterns are scattered all over the universe. 70 of the 349 lanterns in the universe exist as single. The remaining 279 lanterns have come together in all kinds of combinations, as double or fours among each other. The most special lantern among the single lanterns is the white lantern. The white lantern is rarer than other lanterns and can only be connected to Rainbow Lantern.

Double Lanterns

There are 5 of each color combination of Double Lanterns.
There are 75 Double Lanterns in total. Double Lanterns can use the power of both lanterns at the same time.

Fours Lanterns

There are 2 of each color combination of Fours Lanterns.
There are 30 fours lanterns in total. Fours Lanterns can use the power of four lanterns at the same time.

Rainbow Lantern

What makes the Rainbow Lantern different from the others is that there is only one in this universe and it offers its owner a gateway to parallel universes. This door will only be opened by the person who owns the Rainbow Lantern. 

Red Lantern = 10 pcs

Orange Lantern = 10 pcs

Yellow Lantern = 10 pcs

Green Lantern = 10 pcs

Blue Lantern = 10 pcs

Purple Lantern = 10 pcs

White Lantern = 10 pcs

Double Lanterns = 5 pcs (total 75pcs)

Fours Lanterns = 2 pcs (total 30pcs)

Rainbow Lantern = Only one